Space Work Branding

We invite you on a short trip to another world. A world that, after many successful campaigns, has collected awards, trophies and moments that it will never forget. It was not easy, it took a lot of work. Walmark knows this best, that's why it wanted a headquarters arrangement tailored to its brands, which is more or less daring.

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The trophies room

After a short instruction in the meeting room, where we can admire the trophies or we can cheer for movement, forgiveness, takeoff, we head to the space shuttle of the Mini-Martians.

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Welcome a board

Once we board the ship, we take off quickly, so quickly that we instantly notice other planets on the windows that we may visit on another occasion. We are currently continuing our journey.

No one has to worry about speed or the vacuum in space, because the shuttle provides us with an enviable inner balance, we just have to look in the mirror and realize that.

Anyone can navigate from the control panel, we really invite you to land, just do not fly over the Ginko Biloba tree - not another, but it scares the giraffes. The vortex of leaves is something natural, even beneficial, it's not because of the flight so don't worry.

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Flying in the wind

Before you leave our ship, we advise you to make yourself a hot tea, maybe even an infusion of Ginko Biloba leaves. It doesn't hurt anyone's comfort, but from now on we have to walk outside with confidence. To get to know Walmark's favorite people, we need to use public transportation.

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Please hold on to the bars!

No, don't be scared of pets, it's so natural here that they feel at home. Only the crocodile gets a little upset if you don't close the door because it's current, but it doesn't bite. I have arrived! We invite you to take a seat and listen to the advice of our claims: "I succeed anywhere, I choose Romania".

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