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Dress your product with a trademark

You developed a new product in your portfolio. In order to sell the new product, you need to develop the verbal & visual identity and to legally protect your brand with a registered trademark.

We have a list of ideas presented as registered trademarks ready to be assigned. This is, as far as we know,the fastest way to transform your product into a brand.

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We have done the research, strategy, creation and the trademark registration.

For you to instantly use the trademark and start doing business. The usual amount of time needed for branding and trademark registration is about 12 months. So you'll start with a 365 days advantage.

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Our ideas are registered trademarks. You don't have to assume any legal risks or delays because the creation can not be registered. Match your product with our trademark idea and start to make a profit.

What you see is what you get

Because our trademarks are already made, you can see the strategic and creative process results before engaging in a commercial relationship with us.

Buy only the trademark that best fits your product concept.