Români Frumoși

28 great Romanians, brought together by the young photographer Matei Buţă,

have formed an incredible portraits gallery under the name of “Români frumoşi, a project supported by MemoPlus®”.  All in order to promote, inspire, and offer genuine models to follow.

MemoPlus® is the leading brand on the students’ food supplements market, and one of the well-known products among their targeted consumers. We were looking for that something which not only makes a connection between our product and a great project, but that would also make people raise their heads towards something easily recognizable, inspirational and motivational. We were going to provide a highly visual experience, in crowded key locations,

so that people would easily recognize it.

The result? A gallery of great Romanian models, brought together from different domains and fields of study, all in order to promote our true values and raise our confidence towards the fact that we too could one day become a “beautiful Romanian”.​

agentie romani frumosi

The project is unique from multiple points of view: it brings together great Romanian personalities from different work fields, such as mathematics, theater, poetry, medicine, film making or architecture.

It offers genuine models to follow and a strong belief

that value has not yet been vanished from the Romanian sides. It stands in various locations, with great exposure, as a fantastic, almost holistic gallery of great impact.

Last, but not least, it is one of those few campaigns

that does not throw the product in your face, but rather offer you models

that the product is proud to support.

panou romani frumosi
memoplus romani frumosi