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Frozen is the new black. 

Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words, but, in the same manner, we could say that a tasty food can leave you speechless. We created a minimalist, but modern design which highlights the ingredients in a natural way.

The minimalist design wasn’t a simpler choice, but a bold one.

All markets brawl with the most eye-catching colors, with tons of ingredients and fancy cutlery.


We didn’t do that, we chose to do something else. We used a black color and we placed the vegetables as they are in nature, without preservatives or food colors, because we talk about food, not about cosmetics.

We think that is better to cook as you like it, so we do not have presentation suggestions. We don’t want to fool around with recipes that won’t look like in the picture. We knew that some people can cook better than we can imagine or express on a package.

This is the beginning of
a beautiful friendship

53 Roma st.

District 1, Bucharest

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