Nixodor is a new product for cats, dogs and their owners. How so?

It is a probiotic that increases the immunity of animals, but also offers a collateral benefit, reducing unpleasant odors. Nixodor is a useful product for owners who care about the health of their pet who want to reduce the associated unpleasant odors.

We wanted a rigorous and credible brand that could be communicated in the most creative way possible. In the end, we relate very subjectively to our pets.


Nixodor is an international brand.

The product is sold both in veterinary offices and on the largest online marketing platform, Amazon. The name was thoughtfully descriptive to capture one of the most important functional benefits of the product: odor reduction.

For this reason, it is composed of the root of the two words: Nix + Odeur, which have a phonetic resonance in several of the markets in which the product will be marketed.

Nix is an international variant for "zero", and "odeur" has been altered to preserve its phonetic meaning, but to make it equally easy for readers to read.


Nixodor is a medical product recommended by veterinarians.

Therefore, the logo was designed to have a medical character. The rigorous and precise font is written in capital letters to facilitate reading, both horizontally and vertically.

The name is written in two font styles, to mark the differentiation between the two roots that make up the name.


Nixodor addresses cat and dogs owners differently.

To simplify the identification of the two types of packaging,

we associated a warmer, more feminine color with the cat product and a cooler, more masculine color with the dog packaging.

We also used figurative elements to quickly understand the difference between the two packages.

Our product will be promoted exclusively online.

The campaign is colorful and visually appealing. Communicate effectively with animal lovers by giving them an image of their favorite characters and the new product.

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