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The main challenge was to promote a new product, the first of its kind in Romania - a natural juice, made from only three ingredients that once combined, give you a boost of vitamin C and essential minerals. Pan-here, all good and beautiful. Only that the juice is sold at a premium price.

And how do you sell something at a premium price to a customer who has never heard of it before? Focusing on the benefits, of course! Melissimo is a natural drink, made from only three ingredients - alkaline water, pure honey and fresh sea buckthorn.


This means that Melissimo is natural, it simply does not "surprise" you with any substance harmful to your body. The result is exemplary branding and an adorable bottle that steals all the spotlight.



Melissimo was born as an answer to the question "How do we sell honey but differently?"

Because, you see, the client was already successful with a brand of honey (Melarium)

but that was not enough.


More was wanted. A lot more. So in our office resounded a simple requirement:

"We want to have the best sea buck thorn juice on the market!"

Okay, okay and where's the honey then? It's one of the three ingredients!
The problem was that there is no longer a similar product on the Romanian market

and that was, well, a slight complication.

"What do you want to say? Isn't it super easy to promote a pioneering product? ”,

You might ask yourself.

Not really. Put yourself in the customer's shoes for a moment. Would you buy a product that you have never tried before and that you have never heard of before? Most likely.


But would you buy it at a premium price? Unlikely.

And that was the main challenge. How do you sell something to a customer who is already bombarded with dozens of brands and logos every day, all presenting themselves as healthy, sugar-free, 100% natural… you got the idea.

It was pretty easy once we got the hang of it.

We hardly promote the benefits: it's a juice with attitude. No bullshit, no compromise.

It is made from only three ingredients and nothing else.

Of course, this comes with the small disadvantage of a short expiration date.

It has no preservatives to prolong its life and we used this as a reason to believe -

it lives a little but it's all natural, baby.


Then came the first versions. We're not going to show them here because, to be serious, who wants to see that? But we can certainly say that the final label does not look at all like the first variants.

Another challenge was the actual size of the bottle and the fact that as much information as possible had to fit there. 151 words on a 250ml bottle, to be exact. We kept fighting until we came up with the perfect solution - a small but sharp font and a call-to-action like all glass.

To make you look twice.

We took the label as a selling tool, so we wanted to create something that would attract your attention. Something that will make you want to read this label and buy the product.

The color of the juice itself was a great source of inspiration and a great marketing tool.

The fresh shelf from Mega doesn't have intense orange, so why not use this as an advantage?


Hence the idea of ​​not covering the bottle with an opaque label.

we left it transparent. We thus managed to highlight another thing that differentiates the Melissimo bottle from the rest of the competition: the vivid color.



… Or something else that we definitely had to have on the label. The juice is natural, made from real fruit, and that means it will contain the pulp. Usually, juices like this have a call to action that sounds something like this: "Shake before consuming." Of course, it was too long to include on the label and it looked good so we had to improvise. "Shake before consuming" has become…



That long and boring urge has transformed and become the brand's slogan. Nice, isn't it?

And now, the Melissimo brand has grown and become a serious competitor in the natural juice market. So serious in fact that they now have the power to change the world for the better.

And they started doing this through a collaboration with a local football school, giving young athletes natural juices.

We know how important it is for future champions to receive the support and education they need, so we are very excited about this collaboration.

"The collaboration with Logo Bigger has been and still is a success.

They always knew how to adapt to our requirements and how to take any idea, no matter how small, and turn it into reality. A reality that now helps us grow and sustain our brand."

Catalin Preotu, owner Melissimo.

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