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Bigger brands. Bigger sales

When choosing Logo Bigger, you choose a complete and complex set of branding & communication services whether you want to start from scratch or need a refresh.

Long term thinking

First of all, take some time to think.

We think about your business, your target audience, to your future brand

and its influence on the market. Because we want to give you some impact.

And we're not talking about the font. :)


That's the brand strategy. A foundation that will allow us to build a product

which will really sell. It is the moment when we think long term because

a brand strategy affects all aspects of your business, being closely linked to the needs, expectations and especially

the emotions of your customers.

Branding for start-ups

Whether you start a project from scratch

or need an image refresh, we are here to complete effective branding and rebranding projects.

Design with added value

Our creative services bring added value to your business. A professional visual identity will attract the respect of business partners and will increase the quality perceived by your customers.

This way you will be able to sell more.

The Naming process

Good names sell more, just as bad names require bigger budgets to promote them

and help the public remember them. In order to be good, the product, service or company name must be relevant, to differentiate, to place your product or service in the category in which you compete.

To make your product or service desirable, to say something about its qualities, to offer a perception of the price, to position the product in the mind of the potential consumer.


The creation of a good name begins with an in-depth research of the industry

in which you operate, by regions and linguistically.

You probably wouldn't risk being surprised that your name sounds good in Romanian

and offends your audience in a country where you want to export.

Naming for products & services

The mission to give a name to a product or service is as beautiful as it is full of responsibilities. The better known and appreciated by consumers a name is, the higher its trading value.


We create brand names with science and method, we make sure they address the target audience and we fully respond

to the client's strategy. With Romania's entry into the European Union and with the accentuation of the globalization phenomenon, the names of products

from any country tend to behave internationally, and the protection of names to extend over vast geographical territories to reach a wider audience and leave the doors open for export. of products and services.


Moreover, as business people try to benefit as much as possible from the power of a brand name, the protection of the name is done even on the related classes, in the hope that one day the brand name will cover another category

of products or services. Some categories in the NICE Classification for Products and Services are extremely crowded, which invariably leads to an in-depth research and creation effort and to the need to know as well as possible the market and the rules of validation and registration of a name.

That's why we advise business owners

and marketing managers in companies that before giving a creative brief

to the agency to carefully consult the product classes for which it commands the creation of the name. Logo Bigger's approach in name creation is done with vision. If you want a consultation in this regard, please write to us or schedule a meeting.

Naming for e-marketing

The memorability and relevance of a presentation site name or a name for a virtual store are vital in the online environment. Hence the difficulty of finding a free domain. A relevant name can make higher sales in e-commerce

when it has a solid strategy behind it and can reduce paid advertising costs. Over time, its sales value increases and can easily exceed the value of your company's assets. All over the world there are domain names that have been traded for huge sums.

Name validation

Before putting a name on a package,

we make sure that the name is validated by the consumer. The responsibility

we take on in name creation is so great, so that we do not risk putting a name on a product before it is tested on the target audience. The methodology we use and the test batteries for name research ensure the client that he made the best choice, that the public can easily remember the name, and that he likes the name.

A good name must be protected

In order to own a good name you have to protect it. The brand name can be just as valuable like any other asset of a company. The protection of a brand name can be done on classes of products and services, in Romania, in Europe or globally.


If your product or service is an export one, you would like to make sure that this name will be relevant on the Romanian market but also on any other market you intend to enter.

In this sense, our research is carried out not only in Romanian, but also on languages ​​of international circulation, on the classes of Romance and Germanic languages, Finno-Ugric languages, Slavic languages.


You will have variants of names to choose from because we have experience in name creation. We will complete the process by registering and protecting your brand name, obtaining brand certificates and protecting

the classes you want to work on.

See Classification of products and services in accordance with the NISA agreement


Our name protection services save you from running around the counters or at accredited institutions. In this way we save you the time you will be able to use more efficient for your business.