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Cita Snaks

The story begins with finding a free niche on the market of breakfast cereals. Most products are divided into two categories. Either they are very appealing visually but highly processed or they are healthier products, but poorly constructed as brands or inexistent as promotion.


Cita comes to fill this gap with a less processed product and an attractive branding for its young consumers. The Logo Bigger team was proudly in charge with Cita’s product strategy, branding and communication.

Cita's story

Our Work: brand strategy, naming, logotype design, illustration, packaging & communication

Cita is one of the brands created entirely by us: the name, logo, character and personality are friendly and playful, and they were well appreciated by our client, European Food.

Cita has helped us build a strong business and friendly relationship with our client, thus helping Cita receive the attention it deserved. Cita has developed into a strong brand that brings to its consumers the desired flavor and crispiness.

Packaging is what makes Cita stand out for itself, bringing quality and flavor in its consumer’s house. Accessories that are best suited for their taste uniquely differentiate these five packages.

Cita was a big project involving many resources. After the brand was launched, the opinions younger people had helped us understand what the market was looking for and we are still maintaining the strong level of communication with them.

We came up with a concept and a story close to them that turned into posters, OOH and a TV spot, filmed in Bucharest.

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