Monkey Branding

Cita's story began, like all good stories,

with a monkey who wanted to be an aviator. Translated into marketing language,

we started from the need in the market to have a product

for breakfast that is both healthy and well made

in terms of branding.

Cita monkey was originally a concept

with which I went to the petit. It seems that the story had enough

power of seduction to convince the Oradea producer European Food

to blow magic over Cita. As in the stories, Cita came to life overnight

and became a real brand, present on the shelves and in the homes

of many children in Romania, Italy, Spain or Germany.

The Cita chips promotion campaign

was built around the concerns of its young customers.

Thus, the monkey Cita, aims to unite the two worlds, apparently distant,

that of girls and that of boys.

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