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Brick by brick (or, better, coffee after coffee),

your brand rises one day as many as seven.

That's what the story was like, wasn't it?

We come with an extraordinary name, a strong slogan

and an unforgettable visual identity.


We make sure that your brand will get all the spotlight,

will differentiate itself from the competition and will occupy

a clear position in the mind and heart of the consumer.


Also now we create a useful brand book,

a design package that suits you, stationeries

and, if necessary, a presentation site to make sure

that the voice of your brand is heard

just as well online.


Yes, appearances really do matter.

A little superficial, I would say, but when it comes to your brand image,

it really matters how you present yourself.


After all, even the most well-known brands have to

constantly communicate their values.

And strong brand communication ensures that both

your customers and your employees will be happy and satisfied.


From TV and radio commercials

that reach the minds and hearts of your customers,

to clever headlines and until a social media presence that brings you

all your followers, we have the right words.

We turn them on our fingers,

give them a shape that sells and give them as a gift to your customers.

For you to maximize your income and

minimize your investments.


The power of a well-written text is invaluable. Therefore, in communication

which we do for the client, the quality of writing the text is essential.


A text about the description of a product, a service or a company is not written at random. It has behind it a solid communication strategy and certain claims (brand statements) that we take into account and that we follow throughout the entire communication.


Writing an advertising text has several rules that are followed regardless of the communication environment, online or offline.


Then come the increasingly mathematical nuances and rules of digital communication

(digital copywriting) that we take into account.


Classic copywriting for a printed material is different from digital copywriting,

but you can't ignore anyone's rules in achieving your communication goals.


A well-written text has the power of a good salesman.

This statement is so true that you, as a business owner or as an administrator,

should take it into account and give it due importance.


Making a leaflet, for example, does not mean putting a picture and a phone number on it,

on the grounds that the material is a consumable.

The person interested in your product or service will read the information carefully and will look in the text for the benefits of the product or service you offer.


Writing a good text

starts from understanding the product or service we promote

and its target audience, two defining elements to turn any written material

into a sales person.


In order to fully understand the product or service,

in addition to the information received from the customer,

Logo Bigger copywriters undertake their own research and interviews with consumers, before starting to create the concept or text.

Through research we gather insights into the use or use of the product,

the benefits perceived by the consumer as well

as the motivations for its purchase.


At Logo Bigger we strongly believe in consumer understanding

and the ability to gather the right insights can lead to finding those credible product reasons (RTBs) and arguments sale to determine a purchase action

from the target audience.


A good digital copywriter

has a perfect command of the language in which he writes,

has a solid and diverse culture, he's not just a geek programming and speaking in incomprehensible slang (the one who can't be understood with RTBs on your language,

won't do it on your language either your consumer).


He masters classic copywriting

and knows its mechanisms well


It makes the difference

between a concept and an execution (most don't)


Has solid notions of branding,

marketing and sales


Can accompany a consumer

in all stages of "consumer life"


Can write a headline,

a meta description, a meta title, a meta description

or a friendly URL flawlessly


He knows the rules of on-page SEO indexing,

so he can write consistent content texts


Easily identify keywords and know where to use them


Don't be scared of 300-500 or 700 word texts

(most give up nervously)


He knows what a call to action is

and can synthesize it into a snippet to generate traffic


Think visually and can create an infographic,

write an eBook


It can write for both a consumer and a robot


Can easily interpret a panel of insights


It can easily generate a posting plan

that doesn't get boring


Understand what it means to write all the texts

of a presentation site or a commercial site,

from header to footer, in contact


He has the imagination and determination

to complete a project with a vision,

generating leads and sales.


He has the vision and science

to index a single page or an entire site.